About me

My name is Gisela Sánchez Tinoco; GISATI is derived from the combination of the first two letters of my full name. I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela but now I’m a nationalized Costa Rican after living here for the last 18 years..

From my beginnings in Caracas, Venezuela, where I studied graphic design at the Neumann Institute and subsequently worked with several oil companies in the 1970’s editing their magazines, I have come a long way.

I’m a combination of a passionate graphic designer, with extensive experience in the visual and print industry and the investigative and creative spirit of a visual artist..

I use the discipline and methodology from my design studies of the pre-digital era combined with my constant updating in new trends and current digital techniques

Art came from the evolution of my graphic work. I find in paintings a pure way of expression and above all I love how wonderful the development of each project can be.

I believe in the transmutation of energy, in interconnected forces generating and dissolving life forms.That is what I feel and want to convey through my paintings: the wonder of transformation, creation and life.

I believe in love as the greatest force that moves our world.