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Life has strange paths and moments that shake our inner balance and beliefs, making us stagger and change course, finish cycles, start new things or resume forgotten projects. Many things that we considered urgent at the time, latest world and personal events make us realize that were not. I love design. It has been my main activity for many years and it has allowed me to meet fabulous, creative and talented people who have gone from being my clients to my dearest friends. And while I was designing, at other times I painted, made some sculptures in stone, wire, clay ... I wrote stories and tales, but always the demand for design work prevailed and as I already said that I love design, my time went by designing books, corporate images, brochures, logos, textiles and much more; Designing was always a challenge taken with pleasure and I have more than 10,000 hours of design under my belt. With my painting I have had some exhibitions and some works have successfully traveled to other countries and often art lovers as well as decorators ask me for works and I have always found the way to take time from my design work to paint. So now I find that I want to continue painting. Painting for me, has become like a meditation and I experience a special peace that fills me… But suddenly this corona virus arrives and limits us to being locked up. And there comes also the unexpected disease that tells you that time is not eternal and you find yourself with all the paintings you have kept and the ones that you are currently painting and all the other designs and images that you have been creating on your computer and ask yourself what to do with all of this? Thanks to internet and the new "on demand" practices I can now produce and offer my art and designs without investing large sums of money and I want to share it, take my art and my designs to another level and also, why not, monetize them and thus be able to face the challenges that have arisen. This is how this page started. Here I will put my available works. You will also find my digital designs applied to different objects that I hope will give you as much satisfaction when using them as it gives me to create them. Thank you

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